Generational Buildings owners have been in the construction business for over 30 Years. We are very excited to present to you a high quality post frame building with concrete pier system.


What sets us apart from the rest?
Our posts are built to last!

Concrete Pier System

Uses a pier bracket placed over a hole filled with concrete. Once the concrete sets, the post-frame is bolted onto the brackets.

  • Concrete pier system utilizes a bracket that has an engineer’s stamp, assuring code compliance.
  • A commercial bracket that also carries an engineer’s stamp certifies that it can carry the moments and the forces of a 6 x 8” laminated column.
  • Concrete piers provide a neat, clean look on the inside, without columns being spliced and roof purlins run continuous end-to-end.
  • Piers are on grade, which allows prefabricated walls installed on the ground.
  • Builders can put trusses on end walls with door headers pre-installed, which saves labor.


  • Generational Buildings LLC is an amazing company! I’ve been around the construction business for 17 years, and I’ve never seen a company that is as fast and efficient as this. They went above and beyond! Greg Brown the marketing director spent his evening showing me finished products, so I could see first hand their work. Joni one of the owners picked up a patio door from the hardware store for me, because I had no way of hauling it myself. Leroy the other owner found ways to actually save me money on insulation for my building. Their crew is fantastic, they are good craftsman and they keep the work site clean. I am extremely pleased with their work and products, and I would definitely recommend them if you are thinking about building a shop or home!